Deceptive Vows Short Film is a thought-provoking, award-winning domestic violence short film that we are working towards getting to the big screen or television. For additional information, scroll to the bottom of this page before or after viewing the short film.

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Additional Information

"Deceptive Vows" is a compelling story that has already saved lives as a play ("Until Death do us Part"- Oakland, CA - 2000-2001) and published book, also entitled, "Deceptive Vows." (2010) Deceptive Vows Short Film is an award-winning short film that has averaged 15,000 - 20,000 Youtube views per month, with a 95% "Thumbs-up" rate since posting it on June 26, 2018. It currently has over 370,000 Youtube views. It has been selected for five film festivals. I have already written the 116-page screenplay, and it is ready to be produced for the big screen or television. If you are a production company or Investor, and are looking for great original material, feel free to contact us. The full-length film will be on the level of "A Fatal Attraction," "The Burning Bed," and "Sleeping with the Enemy," to mention a few. You can view and read the full screenplay by clicking the DECEPTIVE VOWS SCREENPLAY link above.  You can also see the budget and pitch deck, which was prepared by a professional Line Producer.